We promote the digital transformation of industry in Asturias

Ten regional entities have come together to offer services to Asturian industry that facilitate and accelerate their investments in advanced digital technologies. The partners have networked their technological capacities to offer companies testing, experimentation and training services. The technologies provided are aligned with the challenges of the Asturias S3 2021-2027 smart specialisation strategy, belonging to the field of Smart and Resilient Industry. AsDIH is also a meeting place for the entire ecosystem where technology providers and buyers, innovators and investors connect. The consortium is coordinated by SEKUENS and the activities are financed by the European Union and by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism for a period of three years. AsDIH is part of the European network of EDIHs (European Digital Innovation Hubs).

An entire ecosystem of industrial innovation at your disposal

Regional technology centres, universities, industry associations, clusters, incubators/accelerators, companies and agencies. Our ecosystem is made up of multiple partners focused on promoting the digital transformation of Asturian industry.

We promote the competitiveness of Asturian SMEs

AsDIH makes it easier for SMEs to test the latest digital technologies before investing, developing new products and processes through their integration, obtaining training, access to financing and opportunities to improve their business through digital innovation.

Funded by the European Union

The EU, through the Digital Europe Programme, established the creation of an initial network of digital innovation hubs (European Digital Innovation Hubs – EDIHs) which, as one-stop shops and on a non-profit making basis, provide the information, services and testing facilities that companies need to successfully address their digital transformation processes.

Project impact indicators:


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