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AsDIH is the element of coordination of the infrastructures, resources and services available in the region to accelerate the process of digitisation of the Asturian industry, acting, in addition, as a space in which companies can experiment with technology before investing in it and participate in complementary demonstration activities and alternative services that contribute to the success of their digitalisation process.

Is part of the Regional Strategy for Smart Specialisation and is one of the assets that facilitates the development of some of its scientific and technological priorities. These technologies will allow Asturian companies to become more competitive, and access new markets and global value chains.

What is a DIH?

DIHs, or Digital Innovation Hubs (DICs), are regional cooperative ecosystems formed by multiple partners focused on innovation opportunities to support digital transformation in industry, including technology centres, universities, industry associations, clusters, chambers of commerce, incubators/accelerators, companies, regional agencies.

The EU, through the Digital Europe Programme, established the creation of an initial network of European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs) as one-stop-shops offering, on a not-for-profit basis, the information, services and experimentation facilities that companies need to successfully address their digital transformation processes.