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The general assembly of the European digital innovation project for Asturias takes stock of the first year accelerating the transformation of companies in the region

On 15 December 2023, the general assembly meeting of the European project Asturias Digital Innovation Hub (AsDIH), coordinated by the Agencia SEKUENS, took place. The meeting brought together the ten local partners of the project.

The mission of AsDIH is to strengthen the regional economy by accelerating the transformation of Asturian SMEs with a focus on the industrial fabric. During the meeting, all the work carried out during the first year of the project was presented.

The technical office has functioned during this time as a one-stop shop to integrate and network the specialised advisory, testing, and experimentation and training services offered by the partners. Thanks to the work carried out, the technology centres in the region and the University of Oviedo have prepared offers for 25 companies. Previously, a catalogue of ASDIH services associated with the equipment necessary to provide them had been designed.

A particular effort was also made in the communication activity of the project, which includes the development of the website and the implementation of social networks.

During the assembly, the action plan for 2024 was reviewed. It includes the continuation of the technology tours (initiated in 2023), the participation in different working groups of the network of European digital innovation centres and numerous dissemination and training activities promoted by the partners.

The services provided by AsDIH are aligned with the smart and resilient industry challenge of the smart specialisation strategy Asturias S3 2021-2027 and co-funded by the EU and the PADIH programme.

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