The project is based on real-time data capture on the plant floor. This data is collected through human-machine interaction using touchscreen interfaces (eliminating the use of paper), as well as through sensors and direct actions on the machines’ PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers). This massive recording and storage of data in digital format is processed by CAPTOR (MES Manufacturing Execution System) in order to generate various KPIs, calculate machine OEE values, or track processes. The goal is to analyze and have objective data for the proper decision-making by the company’s management and its executives. These decisions may pertain to investments, product traceability, sales and inventory strategies, and product lifecycle. It is a project adaptable to companies of any size and sector.

Cafés Toscaf is a family-owned company that originated in Pravia in 1954 as a small coffee roastery with a store. Through effort, hard work, perseverance, and with the help of a great professional team, they have grown over the years to become what they are today without losing their identity: a medium-sized company with a presence throughout Spain, taking its first steps in Europe and North Africa.

They are a benchmark for quality. They love coffee, take care of it, and work every day to ensure that consumers can simply enjoy it. To achieve this, they focus on bringing organic and fair-trade coffee to the market, guaranteeing their excellence through ISO 9001 and IFS certification.

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