Reunión EEN GalacteaPlus y EDIH Noroeste Gijón 2024

The EEN GalacteaPlus Consortium and the EDIHs of the Northwest reinforce synergies to optimise services to SMEs

On 23 May, we hosted the collaborative workshop of the EEN-GalacteaPlus consortium and the European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIH) of Northwest Spain at our headquarters in Gijón. The aim of these joint workshops is to coordinate to provide optimal services to the entities of our territories, especially to small and medium-sized enterprises and public administration,…

Asamblea general proyecto europeo Asturias Digital Innovation Hub AsDIH technology tours

AsDIH to continue in 2024 with the technology tours and increase the range of services for industrial SMEs

The general assembly of the European digital innovation project for Asturias takes stock of the first year accelerating the transformation of companies in the region On 15 December 2023, the general assembly meeting of the European project Asturias Digital Innovation Hub (AsDIH), coordinated by the Agencia SEKUENS, took place. The meeting brought together the ten…